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Sunday, December 14, 2014

I Love Henry Shaw

As previously disclosed, my kindle is gone. stolen. robbed. So, reading at night has me going back to .....dare I say it?.....BOOKS!
          Disobedience, by Jane Hamilton, has as its hero, a teenager by the name of Henry Shaw, who in the course of being his family's "computer expert",  finds, and becomes obsessed by, evidence of an affair his mother is having. Instead of the daily paper, Henry logs into his mother's account to read of the progress of her affair, and the gyrations he goes through emotionally are the stuff that the very best novels are made of. It's been several years since I read it the first time; this second reading reminds me just how much I love words, and the way they can describe a multitude of emotions. In spite of being in acute distress, Henry makes me laugh over and over again, making me love his character, trying so earnestly to navigate the choppy waters of Love, both his own and his mother's,  and observing his family's strengths and weaknesses as only a most perceptive, but confused teenager can do.
       A very good antidote to holiday/family stress!

Thursday, December 11, 2014


On December 8, my house was broken into and robbed
What was taken, in the 3 hours we were gone, was small, carryable stuff.
Both cameras, one with a case and batteries and charger,
my kindle, with all it's box and paperwork, the Toshiba laptop
My  freshwater pearl earrings and necklace. All of my jewelry was strewn on my dresser, but these were the only pieces missing. These were special, bought in Berne when I first started working there, a YOU'RE-AN-EDITOR-NOW gift to myself.
A drawerful of movies, a few small things my son had just purchased, still  in the shopping bags on his bureau, a silver teapot, two stashes of loose change, and....bleep! bleep! bleep! $500 in cash set aside in my kindle case after the last CGOA, a small attempt to keep myself emotionally out of The Abyss, that awful place that comes to visit old, single women with MS occasionally. You know, " well it's not that bad, there's still that money left in the kindle case....." They left me the case, but took the cash. and the kindle.
I've made copies of receipts, talked to the sheriff both on the day it happened and another two today, watching as they took photos of the crime scene, made lists and scanned them all, and now I must wait for the police report to begin the insurance process.
Am I feeling just a wee bit vulnerable and sorry for myself ? Oh yeah! Alternating with a red hot rage that is seriously beyond BAH! HUMBUG!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Under $10........

We are not rich. We have never been rich. So, we have an appreciation of how tight things might be this time of year, and we have a few suggestions.....
Lacie- the Simply Soft version version is actually under $5.! One skein  of Simply Soft is $2.99 at Joann's or Michael's.
Vanna's Glamour ranges from $4.19- $4.49 depending on whether it's Michael's or Joann's or Herrschners. It takes TWO to make the scarf in this yarn, but it still comes in under $10.00.......
Modeled above by Taywana Mother Earth James, Arielle Patty, and Candace Stephanie Roane. Photos by Peter C. Thompson and Don Patty.
                      For the Goth niece or nephew or wicked Aunt Jane.....
Designed by Stephanie Smith of One Stitch Designs. sized to go up to a 52 inch chest, it still rings up under $5.00, using one skein of Simply Soft. Modeled here by Arielle Patty. Don Patty photos.

Andee Graves' Granny Fans Scarf takes only one skein of Red Heart Boutique's Unforgettable, a great way to try out what is one of our favorite yarns. Price range is $4.77- $5.99. depending on where you shop. Modeled here by Emily Harvey Garcia. Don Patty photos.
2 skeins of Wool-Ease are needed for this- but Joann's has it on sale for $2.99/skein now! Just think of how you'll save on heat wearing this cozy shawl! Modeled by Kaydee Rose LockeHeart. Don Patty photos.
Kathryn White's Avonlea doily takes 282 yds of size 10 crochet cotton- you choose which type and make it for well under $10, creating an heirloom piece,  showcasing your skill that will long be remembered and appreciated after the holidays. Don Patty photos.
And speaking of Kathryn White- her Scrappy Doo Scarf gives you a great use for all those size 10 crochet cotton scraps you have. Do an exchange with stitching friends to increase your color range and revel in creating this wonderful scarf for no money at all! Modeled here by Emily Harvey Garcia. Don Patty photos.
                            Are you feeling rich? You should! You crochet!
All these patterns are available with a $24/year subscription to , less than a monthly trip to Starbucks! This holiday season, buy from the little guy, make gifts with your very own hands, and show your nearest and dearest the crochet manifestation of your love!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Procrastination Principles

I discovered something today....that's it's possible to get over the hump of whatever I'm not doing, by deciding that FIRST THING I will clean up the house. BOING!

I've had the idea for a dog's age to make pinecone angels. In Maine, pinecones are easy to find, making super cheap crafting materials. I've had the parts done for over a week now, and just couldn't bring myself to put them together. Today, the sun was shining, and the deck was warm enough to sit out there and construct, AND (because I am NOT an angel), the first thing on today's list was
1. Clean up the Dining Room
That naturally meant that I should do something else.
The construct that I've been putting off daily for over a week went zip! zip! zip!

It was lovely to sit in the sun and make angels. The dining room is still hopeless, but then, so am I!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rubies & Gold

How it gets from here
to here
It takes a village. Sue Solakian designed it, my grandson Leland, daughter Tobin, and I debated the styling of it, Don Patty photographed it, and Susanna Tobias tech edited it and laid it out.
Imagine snuggling under this beauty!

Monday, November 3, 2014


Our photography budget doesn't stretch to trips to Mexico, so in photographing Sue Solakian's Siesta! afghan, we were required to stretch ourselves closer to home. Mateo's Hacienda is a hole-in-the-wall Mexican eatery on Centre Street in Bath, and that's where we decided to shoot some of the photos.
The crew there was very obliging, even though they were very busy. We loved their rug!
We ended up shooting the title page shot on their counter.....
Of course, Don took flats of the piece, both RS and WS, though one can hardly call the WS wrong...
Back at the hacienda, we attempted snoozeworthy shots on the bed, hoping to evoke a naptime vibe.
                  I think the photographer got a little punchy with his Siesta selfie! Senor Don!
                                                     and for the Lunatic Fringe.......
The surface accents and fringe make this design so unique. Red Heart's Super Saver makes the colors superb. Thank you, Sue!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Rain in Maine

Is WHITE today!
         Windy, cold, and snowy! Let me in! So glad I don't have to do my duty outdoors!
It's no surprise that there is snow in Maine on November 2, but there is still that "rude shock" feeling that it brings.....