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Sunday, April 20, 2014


                                                           I have always loved this word.
It is easy to become sunk in loss. Whether the loss in question is of a loved one, or a marriage, or a job, or the King of the world, in spite of our current pain, it is important to remember that there is life after death. Dead branches blossom. Love happens again. Rebirth is a given. Embrace it. We are not given challenges to let us suffer defeat. We are given them to learn, and to explore other possibilities. Pain is an essential part of human life, but the human spirit is all about resurrection.
And with me, it always starts one stitch at a time,
knowing that all the colors of the world are at my fingertips. It's just up to me to use them.
                                                        HAPPY EASTER!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Greenhouse Effect

I live in food heaven. Hard to think that with the weather up here, that Maine would be such a great place for fresh, local, and organic produce. I am fortunate, on this little finger out in the Atlantic, to have access to the healthiest food imaginable, about as local as it's possible to get.
Today was greenhouse tour day at Square Feet Farm, down the road from me just off of Small Point. Once the season starts, I get a weekly survey via e-mail, make my choices from what's available, and enjoy delivery right to my door.
Not only do I know who lays my eggs, I also know who fertilizes them and who feeds the chickens!

Like every enterprise that starts small, Mitch's seedlings will surprisingly yield so much more- nearly all that I eat, starting with late Spring and on through late Fall. On this beautiful warm and sunny Saturday, back to the land seems just about right!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Where I Come From

                                                               the ducks are BIG.
                   Where I live now, the ducks are quite a bit smaller, and they're crocheted.
Design by J. Erin Boland, just waiting for webmaster Roy to put er up on the site.
                                               Get just duckie! in your kitchen!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


springs eternal. It is human nature to always find fresh cause for optimism.
Whether in the yard, or in a box that the UPS man brings, new life arrives by hook or by crook.
A bit of baby blanket teasers by Sue Solakian above, and moi, below. It seems Winter may really be over.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I was never a girlie girl. No, I was the one at the top of the jungle gym and swinging as high as she could go. I was decorated with scabs and dirt, and really didn't like the color pink at all.
It's sad what happens to old ladies, isn't it? Because, let me tell you, in my dotage, you can't give me enough pink or frou frou or bedazzlement, at least when it comes to yarn!
Lion Brand's new Keppi- Cotton Candy Pink,Rose Garden, Grape Jelly, and Orange Fizz! My younger self would not have approved- another good reason to be old!
                                The yarn comes with its very own pompom.....
and has a fun mix of textures and colors. Just a swatch for now.....
designs using these will be on the fashion show runway at the CGOA fashion show in Manchester this July!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fool for a Day

                                                  You may well ask- just for a day?
Life and mainly crochet have kept me busy lately and , oh yeah,  there's Death and Taxes too. I think that I am finally not going to die of this flu-I did wonder about that for a while- and if today is April Fool's Day, you know April 15 can't be too far off.
                                             I've been playing with last minute Easter pieces,
                                              shooting baby blankets (this one by Shari White)
               swatching with new yarns from Lion Brand (this is Heartland Thick & Quick) in preparation for the                                                    CGOA show in Manchester in July.
I'm just plain enjoying that the sun occasionally shines and that the snow is in fact melting here in Phippsburg.
Life is pretty sweet, especially when I get a box in the mail from my daughter, the chocolatier!

Friday, March 28, 2014

And Then There Were Three

We didn't get a blizzard yesterday as predicted, but I still stayed indoors and did some more flower planting on the couch. No, I couldn't make just one; couldn't even just make two! 1!2!3!