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Saturday, August 30, 2014


                                                  warning!- this one is very personal........
Once upon a time- and trust me, I'm aware of how many of these very different fairy tales make up my life-I lived in Berne, IN where I was working towards owning a house I loved, was the editor of the largest crochet publication in the world, and I walked not less than 4 miles a day. MS effectively killed all that, and it was only last night while trying to make room on my computer by deleting files, that I came across these photos from that time and realized that in my attempts to move on from that life, I have never really grieved it. I packed up and moved on- several times and in several ways- but never quite wailed and gnashed my teeth over it. So, like picking at a scab, and surprisingly finding that the old wound still bleeds, that's kind of where I'm at today. I am grateful that I live in a beautiful place and have meaningful work to do, but damn it- such incredible loss!
I will not be so tacky as to post a "I Will Survive" youtube to accompany this (but if you go looking for one, look for the Priscilla Queen of the Desert version!). I will. I am. Life goes on.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

What's cooking?

                                                            I am, therefore I cook.
Hotpads by J. Erin Boland for mainly crochet, currently under production. Michele Maks photos.
                                          And Michele Maks' lunch-time to eat!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

God & Man

It was largely an on-the-road day. It doesn't happen often, but once in a while I'm pulled to go look at something besides my stitches. I headed north on Rte 1, ending up in Bucksport.
The bridge going over the Penobscot to Verona Island is remarkable. Another bridge takes one over to Bucksport, but the traffic there was too dice-y to venture a shot. Summer People!
I'm still on my no sugar/no grains diet, so I stopped in at the Bucksport Hannaford and was pleased that there were all sorts of organic produce, much of it local, on the produce shelves- YAY! Hannaford! I was also charmed by the gas station overlooking the river, thus my God & Man title.
I stopped at the Duck Trap turn off in Lincolnville Beach on the way back south, a favorite spot overlooking Penobscot Bay.
The sun eas just setting as I crossed the bridge to Bath from the north. Another good day!

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Good Day

                                                        A good week actually!
Pieces from Karen McKenna (top of the last two, with mine) and Becky Dirlam (bottom of the last two) arrived - oh, the textures and colors! Also yarn from Lion Brand-
Tweed Stripes I have used before and loved; Modern Baby is brand new, I saw it in person at the show, and thought "oh, yes!" Working with it has made me change that to "OH, YES!!!!!!" Trust me, you want what she has!
      Today was a trip to Reid State Park, looking for a photo location that has a French Lieutenant's Woman feel to it.
I think I've found it.
A barefoot walk on the beach was just the right thing to get my appetite up.
Last night's mushroom soup was even better today, the perfect finish to my beach trip. This evening will be a finish too for the first Modern Baby project from my hook. Yes, a good week all around!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's Been Over a Year!

Quite honestly, we were so busy getting ready for the CGOA show in Manchester, and just keeping on top of pattern production to really notice that the date was going by. It was a year ago, lying abed in a hotel room in Indiannapolis before last year's Summer show, that mainly crochet went live. Nothing like working down to the wire!
The past year has been full of crochet goodness and crochet challenges and lots of new friends (we just passed the 5400 mark)on the facebook page and many new subscribers who tell us how they love us. We've managed to produce 185 patterns- although our patterns do in fact sometimes include more than one project. A recent example is Bonnie Barker's wraps- It's a Wrap! is counted as only one in spite of there being two different patterns included. (Thanks to Hannah Crabtree and Arielle Patty modelling them)
That's the way we do things......our interest is in serving our subscribers as best we know how.
And then there's my sister! Back when I was a magazine editor, she used to ask me- "why don't you show a picture of the edging? I want to see the edging!" Well, you know how big sisters are! The problem was always how much space and how much time I was allocated to any one given project.
       Well, guess who's boss NOW!
 Andee Graves' Lila baby blanket has an edging
                So does Karen Ballard's Bubble Wrap shawl,
     as does Sue Solakian's Summer Memories throw.
                                           There's a great pleasure in keeping my sister happy!
Seriously, a digital only format gives us space to do whatever we damn please!
Our projects don't REALLY walk on water, but Sue Solakian's Maritime Granny is 101 pages. Who else does that?!
Meanwhile, it's in the 80s here in Phippsburg, and I'm setting up a Christmas tree to shoot some Christmas goodies. Tree or poinsettias? Or both?
We'll figure it out..........check us out at ! We may be only a little over a year old, but we do know crochet!
(I've been asked to point out that the last 2 photos are NOT the kinds of photos we use, but rather a candid camera, Michele-is-sitting-on-the-other-couch-and-needs-to-finish-this-blog kind of photo. NOT a Don Patty photo)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Living Vicariously

through my camera.....
I started out to go to the beach......
As the sun was setting in the West, we attempted to go check out the Super Moon at Popham Beach.
There is nothing quite like walking down sandy steps to the beach, one hand on cane, one hand on handrail (which hand was the camera in?!) and swatting hordes of mosquitoes at the same time. I got down the stairs, but cried uncle, and walked back to the car, clouds of bloodsucking insects following me.
Don braved the bugs and didn't leave until the ranger dude on the ATV asked him, but not the surfers or other tourists, to leave. "Park closes at sundown!" Apparently only for Buckeyes.....
He managed to get some shots with my camera while I took a nap in the car. The evening ended in Bath, suspiciously in front of Dot's Ice Cream Shop. Imagine that! Maine's Organic Gelato was a very tasty way to Super Moon it!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Trumpet of the Yarn

I don't just crochet obsessively. I also cook and eat pretty obsessively too. Managing my MS is my excuse most of the time, but mostly I just like to eat. My grandma Maks showed me by example how to set a groaning table and a full pantry is always a comfort. The Food Heaven that is Maine makes me a satisfied Foodie. Mitch from Square Foot Farm down the road e-mailed yesterday to ask if I was interested in some Black Trumpet mushrooms. Of course I was! Two pounds, please!
Local is the name of the game in these here woods.
Bleu Velvet from Hahn's End was procured from yesterday's Farmer's Market in Bath, as was the soft  Red Pepper Basil Bevre from Balfour Farms.

The mix of the two cheeses made tonight's polenta base quite tasty. I cooked a pan of the black trumpets in butter until they were soft and inky, making a subtle, but delicious topping for the already delicious polenta.
A simple meal, so easy and quick to make, of mainly Maine products. Yum!